Comprehensive Data To Better Protect You

Quality Counts; It Doesn't Cost More

What good is screening a tenant if the screening company doesn't have accurate or complete court records?

In both Connecticut and Massachusetts, TenantTracks has filled a large void in the electronic data world be securing records not available through other screening companies. Specifically, our reports include Massachusetts Arrest Records and Connecticut Eviction Records from the “Offline” G.A. Courts whose files are still on paper and not part of any database except for TenantTracks. Providing this critical data is just one of the ways we better protect our customers and makes TenantTracks the most accurate and comprehensive screening report available to better protect the rental property owner community.

Start screening your rental applications with TenantTracks and you will soon understand why so many real estate professional have come to rely upon our screening reports. Call 888-610-4710 for more information.