Tenant Screening is a proven and reliable way to avoid the headaches and financial losses associated with evictions!

Equally important is understanding the fact that the information and data in a screening report varies by company and accuracy.

TenantTracks was designed by professional property managers and Realtors who know the rental housing business to make our Screening Reports the most reliable in the industry.

Each report is actually a package of reports containing searches from many data sources. Our reports include;

  • Trans Union Credit Report with Vantage Score
  • SS# Verification and Fraud Alert
  • National Eviction Report
  • National Criminal Rerport
  • People Search providing Alias Names and Previous Address History
  • National Sex-Offender Registry
  • OFAC Report (Terrorist Watch-list Report) to comply with the U.S. Patriot Act
  • Massachusetts Arrest Records
  • Connecticut Eviction Records including the "Off-line G.A. Courts"
  • TenantTracks Rental Performance Database

All This Information, Just $25.99 for our Standard Report and $35.99 for our Open Access Report!

You Get What You Pay For

"How can this be, I checked the CT Judicial website for evictions and my applicant did not have any, now they refuse to pay the rent, called the Fire Marshal on me after taking out the smoke detectors and claimed my eviction is retaliatory and have Legal Aid representing them who say we served a defective Notice to Quit and my case was thrown out of Court....HELP!"

This happens far too frequently and far too many tenants have learned to "Play the system" to their full advantage and live "Rent Free" at your expense, so let's look at what happened here.

Most evictions are avoidable; this is a proven fact if you properly screen your rental applications. We have heard many explanations over the years that result in bad tenants getting a free-ride at an owners expense, some are;

  • I am a good judge of character, I do not need to screen my applicants
  • My apartment is in a bad neighborhood and all I am going to get is a bad tenant
  • My applicant does not want to pay an application fee and it may scare them off


The TenantTracks Program is simple:

  1. Get a background check on every applicant
  2. Process each rental application in the same level, consistant amd unifrom manner
  3. Report your tenants late payments & eviction activity to us, ESPECIALLY "CASH FOR KEYS"
  4. Use our property management forms to help guide you
  5. Place into formal collections tenant money that is owed to you
  6. Communicate your ideas with us and get involved with a property owner association