Two Account Options To Suit Your Individual Needs

Same Report but the process of obtaining the result differs.

Our Standard Account allows our customers to log-into their account, purchase reports, enter the tenant information and then submit the request, turn-around time is approximately 30 seconds. We require certain documents that confirm you have "Permissible Purpose" to run background checks and the customer decides whether they want to be a Credentialed or Non-Credentialed user; Learn More About Credentialing. Standard Accounts can also run screening reports on applicants without a Social Security Number which is a unique product to TenantTracks.

Standard Accounts pay a compliance fee and documents must be updated annually. Reports are submitted by the member and must be safe-guarded to protect against identity theft and can not be copied or given to any third party but can be viewed by anyone involved in the transaction.

The second account we offer is called Open Access, or OA for short. This account has No Compliance or Set-up Fees and does not require any documentation; just an on-line acceptance of TransUnion's terms and conditions and you get instant access to our screening service.

With OA, our customer enters the data about his property and the tenant's email address and we notify the applicant by email and text message (if you supply the tenant's cell#) to complete the report process. The customer has the option to choose who pays for the report. The big difference between the accounts is the tenant pushes the submit button to generate the report after answering several challenge question posed by Trans Union. The OA reports can be copied and shared with clients if the member is a Realtor or property manager...Choose which option you prefer when signing-up...See the comparison table below for more details.

Standard Open-Access
Comprehensive Screening Package Yes Yes
Documents Required Yes No
Compliance / Renewal Fee $59 / $35 $0 / $0
Request Submitted By Realtor / Landlord Tenant
Turn Around Time Approx. 30 seconds Depends On Tenant
Site Inspection Required Optional (Learn More) No
File Tenant Collection Accounts Yes No
Rent Reporting to the Credit Bureaus Yes No
Price $25.99 $35.99