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Two Report Options To Suit Your Individual Needs

Same report, different ways to obtain it.

Congratulations on taking the first step in receiving the most accurate and comprehensive tenant screening report available.

The differences between our account types are as follows;

Our OPTIMUM 10 account allows our customers to create and log-into their account, purchase reports, enter the tenant’s personal information and then submit the report request themselves. Reports are delivered in less than 30 seconds. We require all OPTIMUM 10 users to provide certain documents that confirm they have "Permissible Purpose" to run background checks. This account require an annual compliance fee of $35 (waived if user runs 50 reports /year) and an on-site office inspection.

OPTIMUM 10 accounts can also run screening reports on applicants without a Social Security number and finished reports must be safe-guarded to protect against identity theft and cannot be copied and given to any third party but all parties involved in the transaction can be the reports.

Both TENANT OPEN ACCESS and REALTOR/LANDLORD OPEN ACCESS accounts have no costs to create or maintain their accounts. There are no required documents; just an on-line acceptance of TransUnion's terms and conditions and you get instant access to our screening service. There are no restrictions on copying the report and sharing it with others.

With REALTOR/LANDLORD OPEN ACCESS, your rental applicant enters the data about his property and the tenant's email address, and we notify the applicant by email and text message (if you supply the tenant's cell#) to complete the report process. The customer has the option to choose who pays for the report.

With TENANT OPEN ACCESS, the rental applicant creates their account and buys the report. They can choose to apply from a list of rental units that have been posted in our system by landlords or choose to run a report on themselves and can provide this report to others. Reports are available for SIXTY days in our system

See the comparison table below for more details.


Open Access

Documents Required Yes No
Annual Compliance Fee $35.00 None
Request Submitted By Realtor / Landlord Tenant
Turn Around Time Approx. 30 seconds Depends On Tenant
Site Inspection Required Yes
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File Tenant Collection Accounts Yes No
Rent Reporting to the Credit Bureaus Yes No
Report Price



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