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About TenantTracks

TenantTracks is designed by Real Estate Professionals to benefit REALTORS, Property Managers and Landlords by providing complete tenant screening reports that mitigate the risk of renting apartments.

The TenantTracks Team

Bob DeCosmo, a property manager began his real estate career in 1982 and is the founding member of TenantTracks. Bob is the President of the Connecticut Property Owners Alliance LLC., a statewide Landlord Trade Association that provides advocacy for rental property owners.

Sharon Hallock, Executive Director, Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors Inc. is an adviser on REALTOR matters to TenantTracks. Sharon has 35 years of real estate experience and  designed a TenantTracks REALTORS program delivering better tenant screening with better data for less cost as well as non-dues revenue to REALTOR boards via a Licensing and Royalty Agreement with several Realty Boards.

Paul Jenney is our Compliance Officer and makes sure that our company and customers are following the requirements set forth by Trans Union and our other data suppliers in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Paul grew up "In the industry" as his family was one of the early pioneers in the tenant screening industry and ran the Info Center in Feeding Hills Massachusetts.

Peter D'Amato is the marketing and sales manager for TenantTracks. Pete recently retired as Vice President of new product development at Pitney Bowes, a Fortune 500 company. In addition to his marketing expertise, Pete owns rental property in Connecticut.

Karol Steczkowski is the Internet Technology Director at TenantTracks and is responsible for all website activities including software development and design. He is currently the owner of AXIM Design LLC in Connecticut and owns rental property in Connecticut.


  • Comprehensive National Tenant Screening Reports
  • An Internal Tenant Rental Performance Database
  • Free Property Management Forms
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