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Criminal Record Erasure poses risks to the rental housing industry...TenantTracks submits testimony at CT State Capitol on 3/9/2020

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TenantTracks is celebrating our 10-year anniversary!

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CT Judicial Website - Not For Screening tenants

7 Facts You Need To Know about Screening Potential Tenants on the CT Judicial Website

Why screening tenants on the CT Judicial website is unreliable.

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Your Compliance Required per the Fair Credit Reporting Act

All TenantTracks must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act...please read this memo

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Medical Marijuana

My tenant smokes Medical Marijuana…NOW WHAT?

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Credit Reports Soon To become Less Accurate

The need for a comprehensive screening report to judge a perspective tenant's worthiness will become more important as the Credit Bureaus react to a settlement they made with 31 States

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Waiver of a Notice To Quit

Can a Written Lease Eliminate a Notice To Quit?

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Can a lease prevent a tenant from posessing a gun

Question: Does an owner have a legal right to insert a clause in a lease preventing a tenant from owning and possessing a gun on their property?

Answer: Owners have a legal right to prohibit the keeping of firearms at your properties, just as you can prohibit tenants from keeping pets or parking oversize vehicles in your parking lots.

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TenantTracks Helpful Tip

When processing a rental application always ask for a valid government issued photo identification card and not a driver’s license.  It may be considered a discriminatory practice to require a driver’s license because some renters may have physical disabilities and never applied for a driver’s license. 

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Fifth Circuit Slams the Door on Criminal Record Discrimination Lawsuit

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has rejected an unsuccessful job applicant’s claim that he was denied employment because of his criminal record. 

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