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New Feature: How to Report Tenant Negative Performance

Wouldn’t it be powerful if we could flag rental applicants with information detailing their negative rental payment performance and alert future landlords? Now we can!

Wouldn’t it be powerful if we could flag rental applicants with information detailing their negative rental payment performance and alert future landlords? 

Most tenant screening reports will include eviction data, as well as criminal & credit checks, but they fail to report critical, real-time tenant payment information that hasn’t been released publicly. Here are some examples:

  • Notice to Quit Served
  • Summons and Complaint Served
  • Tenants paid rent after 10 days grace period
  • Tenant made partial payment
  • Tenant made no payment / no legal action taken
  • Tenant served notice of lease violation
  • Cash for keys paid in lieu of eviction

Landlords have voiced their desire for such a powerful tool, and TenantTracks is proud to be the first and only tenant screening platform in the state to offer this service. Not only have we paved the way with a new level of negative performance reporting, we're offering it to you FREE with an Open Access or Optimum-10 Account.

Here’s how it works:

Trouble watching? Click HERE for video instructions:

  1. One or more of the above listed events occurs 
  2. You realize certain negative tenant performance, like evictions and bankruptcy will be documented publicly but  future landlords may never see many of the other important “red flags” from the list above, as they’re not traditionally documented on tenant screening reports, but should be!
  3. NOW you CAN report ALL these “red flag activities” through TenantTracks, and successfully notify fellow landlords of your tenant’s irresponsible performance. 
  4. If you have an Opt-10 account with TenantTracks, you are already able to report tenant performance to our system and many clients do. 
  5. If you have an Open Access account, you NOW CAN REPORT THESE activities as well. To do so, you need to sign in and at NO COST upgrade your account to “OPEN ACCESS Credentialed Status” on the left-side menu under “Account Management.” Video Tutorial Here
  6. Provide us with some basic documents to be approved and then you can access our Tenant Performance Portal.
  7. Once your account is upgraded, and we approve the documents, you will be notified by email.
  8. To Report information. On the left hand side, under Tenant Reporting, click Enter Tenant Performance (Internal). 
  9. Here’s where you’ll spend no more than two minutes filling out your tenant’s identification info and log the dates of applicable events from Step 1.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. You can repeatedly fill out this form as more events occur.

Now, with this brand new and innovative internal credentialing process, we, as landlords, can collectively build a powerful list of higher risk tenants for all Tenants Tracks users. The more landlords log this information, the more powerful our database becomes, enabling you to make the best leasing decisions possible. 

Questions? Our team is happy to help upgrade your account for FREE to access this innovative new feature. 




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