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What is the Credentialing Process?

Credentialing is an industry term to determine if you qualify to receive a full credit report including the applicants individual trade line activity.

Credentialed users get a complete credit report showing all the trade lines and account information, non-credentialed users get all the same information except the details on the individual trade-lines is suppressed.

To be credentialed you must operate your business from an office location and this can be a home based office but must be a separate room used exclusively as an office.

To become a credentialed user you need:

  • Password protected computer that the screen does not face a doorway preventing others from viewing the monitor
  • Locking file cabinet
  • Document shredder
  • Completed site survey questionnaire

We will inspect the physical office location and if you qualify, we will enable your account to the status of "Credentialed User." To begin the process, contact our office and "Request a physical inspection," and we will set up the inspection for you. Payment will be made on our website in advance before the site-inspection is conducted

Becoming a Credentialed User

To be approved to receive and view a third party's credit report, the following must be done.

  • Onsite Physical Inspection: Pay the fee of $64. For user operating from a business location, this inspection is a one-time only event, home-based users may be subject to an annual inspection.
  • We will verify your office from where you manage/rent your properties. The inspector looks to ensure your location is secure and you own a paper shredder, have a locking file cabinet and your pass-word protected computer is not visible to the applicant.
We will run a soft credit report to verify your identity ONLY-IF your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership.

An inspector will call for an appointment to stop by your office and conduct a physical inspection.

All documents MUST be scanned/emailed to or faxed to 888-900-9773.

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