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Compliance Directive: Consumer Disputes

As part of our initiative to maintain the integrity and full faith of our customers and the consumers we run reports on, we at TenantTracks believe in the following:

1) That we investigate ANY dispute with great expediency, no contact with the consumer should be less than three (3) business days with updates even if there is no update.  While we have up to thirty (30) to prove or remove a record, it is our stated POLICY to do better and keep the consumer in the loop.

2) On our webpage, and in our decline letter, we provide the consumer access to Trans Union's online dispute page for credit data.

3) Our consumer hotline is 1-888-811-3270, that is my personal number that rings to my cell phone if I am not in my office, and I will guide them through the process, if unavailable contact our general office at 1-800-369-6153.

4) You can reach us by mail at PO BOX 4795, Waterbury CT 06704.

5) Our website at lists the website for disputes on the Trans Union report, not for information we purchase from other vendors  or our internal database.  For information outside of Connecticut or Massachusetts on eviction history or criminal history, contact:

Attn: Compliance Department
PO Box 4795
Waterbury CT 06704
or call (800) 369-6153

If you have a problem, please reach out to me , Paul A. Jenney, 1-888-811-3270, and I will attempt to help you navigate the situation.

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